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the curvy garden

Location :  Bury St Edmunds

The lazily meandering path links both terrace areas on the diagonal, making this wide and shallow plot feel both larger and deeper. The eye is drawn around the garden by a series of arcs and curves, focussing the attention inwards, away from the boundaries (and the domineering trees beyond), and giving the space a gently dynamic quality. The contrasting colours of the path and paving blend harmoniously with the apricot coloured walls of the house. Generous beds of eye-catching planting surround a lush lawn, and, in the deep shade against the house, a mini-glade of tree ferns add a further layer of character and interest to this peaceful and relaxing space ...

constructed by Woodhouse Landscape Ltd

meandering  .  shady glade  .  relaxing

the meandering path links the terraces
2)	Tall stems of Echinacea and Fennel need no staking
the lush lawn is surrounded by striking plants
the mini glade of ferns are an interesting design feature to this garden
The Curvy Garden designed by Helen Allison
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A good garden designer will have many devices to trick and deceive the eye. These can be used to make a space feel larger or differently proportioned, or to distract the eye from a negative feature, or even be used playfully, creating a deliberate illusion for the pure fun of it.